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If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact the director or your child’s teacher.Little Blue Truck Beep Along Book- Schertle ( I love books about Little Blue Truck but they are a little too long for my toddlers, EXCEPT this sing along one.From the fossil making activity to animal exhibit and show, everyone had a great time!Again, thanks for making Cate’s birthday party absolutely awesome! “If anyone is tired of the run of the mill bouncy place birthday parties I would definitely recommend CSTL.The species was listed for protection under the Bald Eagle Protection Act in 1940 and the southern subspecies was listed as Endangered in 1966 under protection of the Endangered Species Preservation Act. In a favorite childhood memory, I am lying in my bedroom down a short hallway from the kitchen.Selected as the national emblem of the United States in 1782 by Congress, in spite of Benjamin Franklin's arguments that the Wild Turkey () would serve better in that capacity, the Bald Eagle has long been a key symbol in the human cultures of the Americas; feathers and body parts of this species have shown up regularly in archaeological investigations of Native Americans ().More recently, the species has served as a symbol of freedom associated with democracy in the United States and, in recent years, with wilderness and the environmental ethic.

By the 1980s, sounding the alarm and bemoaning the dearth of real democracy became less and less rewarding.

I used it with hand puppets for each verse)I found a cute coloring page for Little Blue Truck with frog at the wheel. I considered using blue paint and cotton ball/clothespin paintbrushes to decorate but it was a large group and the paint can get so messy...

Both crafts were very popular and this theme was awesome!

Educational, great fun, and wonderful staff.” -Jeff, father of a happy birthday boy!

This species account is dedicated in honor of Eric Jolly, member of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Administrative Board.

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All other questions seemed to pale before this central one—how to sustain life.

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