Can leo man dating cancer woman

The Leo man gives all that the Cancer woman wants in life, material benefits, security in love, lots of love, warmth, etc.She in turn would give him lots of affection, good food and attention.Both would be patient with each other, caring and devoted to family ties, that home would be heaven for this pair.• Josephine and Napoleon • Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady • Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger There would be greater level of romance and passion between a Cancer woman and a Leo man. But then they stick onto old world customs and traditions as well. They defend themselves together from outside influences.He will do as you please, not because you lovingly stroke his ego, but because he is genetically tuned to do that anyway.

Cancer is tender and sensitive enough to make their Leo partner feel guilty because of their nature, or Leo could simply have difficulty being tender in the way Cancer needs them to.

The Leo guy being a sign of eroticism would make sure that there is no lack of passion here in the relationship. They stick on together through thick and thin that they make great friends for life.

Mutual appreciation and security would be the key here. This is a devoted relationship that is devoid of any incompatible issues.

Although they don’t have much in common, in astrology they represent a husband and a wife and are the king and queen of the zodiac.

Unfortunately we know how unsatisfying the sex between a king and a queen can be like.

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It is as if a lion and a roe started a sexual relationship and although they don’t want to hurt each other, their primal behavior seems to pull them in that direction.

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