Cell phones affect dating

In a study published in the journal , researchers find that your cell phone may be hurting your romantic relationships. James Roberts was one of the authors involved in the study.I would like to think I keep up on the cool slang terms of the day. Here's what he says about the study in a statement: The team of researchers ran two surveys to look at the phenomenon of phone snubbing in relationships.

He wondered how the phone's presence might be influencing face-to-face interactions.

"It kind of sends a message that I could stop talking to you at any moment and start another conversation," Przybylski told Live Science.

He and his University of Essex colleague Netta Weinstein designed two simple experiments in which two strangers were told to talk for 10 minutes.

It can make us more productive, creative, and efficient. Even though technology can be grand, we shouldn't let it control our lives. And in the study it's defined as the act of using or being distracted by your cell phone while in the company of your relationship partner.

Our gadgets can also be distracting, inhibit classroom learning, and may even disturb your sleep.

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"What the work does is highlights one potential downside to mobile phones being so ubiquitous," said study researcher Andrew Przybylski, a psychologist at the University of Essex.

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