Dating at 40 when to get intimate

Are you FRIGID if you don't give it up within, say, a month or 10 dates, or ??? So everything is relative - there are no firm answers that apply to everyone.

Think of anything you see here (or anywhere on this subject) as a reference point ... - which means take it all into consideration, and then make your own decisions.

You need someone with whom you can reveal your authentic self, not just a piece of you—and you are the only one who can bring that full you to the table.

I am so glad someone is finally blowing all the horseshit out there in the dating world out of the water.

Here are 6 rules to Have boundaries while being real.

I am a firm believer in the power of customer feedback when it comes to dating, as well, and I teach my clients that one of the best ways to understand men is to simply talk to them, ask questions, and really listen to what they have to say!The end goal is to better understand men’s deeper, more latent needs; it is to mold yourself into what you think every man wants you to be.I love conducting Q&A sessions on various topics with men as part of my “he-said/she-said” series; mostly because you get direct and honest access to how men think and feel. Locario, a no-nonsense dating and relationship coach who has been featured on Vh1, FUSE, The Dish Network, TLC, ABC Family, The Tyra Banks Show and Anderson Cooper.Read through to the end to see what conclusions I came to based on this back-and-forth. Locario: I think the right time to have sex with a guy you are dating is at least by the third date.You should not wait any longer, because the guy might start to lose interest in you or think that you are playing games and just using him for attention or for his money.

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[You can see my original short answer plus the opinions of a number of Midlife Forum participants by looking at that discussion thread.] So how long do you wait before fooling around? If you give it up too quickly, is that a bad sign for the potential relationship?

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