Dating bald guys

If you go out at night thinking “ah, I’m bald – girls won’t like me.” – the girls probably aren’t gong to like you.

Hi I have been balding at the back of my head..rather It had now grown too large area to cover.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, I listed a couple of great resources at the end that will help you out.

Hello champions, this is a real question that I know is on many of your minds.

In fact, the primary concern for bald guys seems to be attracting women, they think they can’t be attractive and bald.

So, I guess let this be a little collection of dating advice for bald guys.

I also observed that most of the girls are into guys who have habits like smoking,drinking,having drugs,having multiple relations etc and its acceptable to them and they fall very hard to such guys.

None of them actually want loving,caring etc they describe but the exact opposite. But sometimes,especially with girls , I try to build rapport and try to sync for dating they straight way reject because I am bald.

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To all the single ladies out there who’ve swiped left or outright rejected bald guys in the past, I’m telling you, you’re missing out.

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