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Once activated, disaster medical volunteers were able to connect to the PULSE system in order to check patient records for allergies, problem lists, and medications in order to allow the health care providers in DHV to make better clinical decisions.

PULSE allowed disaster medical volunteers registered and logged into California Disaster Healthcare Volunteers (DHV) application to access PULSE, once they had been assigned to a formally designated disaster, and are preparing to treat disaster patients.

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Kurama knew Yomi would have glared at him if he could.

"And wipe that smirk off your face.""He's name is Hiei, and he is my mate." Kurama replied evenly, this had been a fight he had been fighting for over two years now.

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Use Case: Retrieving health information to aid in caring for patients evacuated from healthcare facilities in the affected area.

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But what made the event truly enjoyable was the fact that he had stolen the cup two days ago and Yomi still had no clue."Yomi, do calm down.

I didn't take time out of my busy schedule just to see you throw a fit about your missing tea cup.

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Disaster Health Care volunteers played the roles of volunteers retrieving and/or assessing health information retrieved using PULSE as if working in an alternative care facility (ACF).

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