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Dating violence occurs in heterosexual and gay and lesbian relationships.

Relationship violence can occur at school — in the hall, in the classroom, in the parking lot, on the bus or in a car, at after-school activities, at a student’s workplace, at a school dance, or at a student’s home.

Cycle of Domestic Violence Violence in the Suburbs Warning Signs Effects on Children Animal Abuse and DV Safety Planning What Prevents Victimsfrom Leaving Stopping Abuse About Batterers Elder Abuse Teen Dating Violence Bullying Legal Information About the Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable Mission Statement The Roundtable is a community based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting safe and healthy relationships, raising public awareness about abusive and controlling behaviors whether exhibited through bullying, teen dating violence, domestic violence, or elder abuse, and ending relationship violence in all its forms.

We pursue these goals by educating our communities, supporting agencies that provide services to victims of abuse, networking with other concerned community groups, and mobilizing community leaders.

“When better equipment came into use, the many hundreds (of the buckets) stored in churches were sold off in the 19th century.

“One of the painted survivors and a brass helmet are on show in the Heritage Centre which is open on weekdays during normal office hours.”The presentation includes a number of old photographs including one dating from before the First World War with firemen in brass helmets wearing frayed and scorched uniforms.

Local historian Valerie Herbert said: “At one time, those who wanted to become a Freeman of the Town had to each give two of the leather buckets which were used by chains of men to douse fires.

The ever improving road network, a rail link with Colchester to London and many cultural and sporting facilities, fine inns and hotels, makes Sudbury an excellent place to live...

Angela is the Branch Manager for Sudbury and moved to the town in 1979 and attended school there.

But the service has a long and interesting history in Sudbury pre-dating the town centre inferno by well over 150 years.

And now the story of fire fighting in the town through the centuries has been retold via a presentation on the big screen at Sudbury Heritage Centre.

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