Updating mac video card

This is a Kickstarter operation, the Wolfe is still a risky proposition, mainly because backers will have to wait several months to actually get the product — if it goes into production at all.

Not to mention that Apple’s way of doing things could always hinder the device’s functionality.

Now, there are a whole slew of solutions for you if you’d like to go down that route, but if you’re an experienced user then I’d simply not recommend it.Welcome to the Mac Upgrades Graphics Card and Display Services Page.Listed below are the Graphics Card products we stock, and fixed cost repair services for Mac screens.We’re looking at an external enclosure that can house the latest GPU models and offer Mac Book owners a massive graphics performance upgrade.If the project sounds familiar, that’s because RAZR came out with a similar product earlier this year, but that one isn’t compatible with Apple’s laptops yet.

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