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For a man there really isn’t a better feeling than wearing your perfect suit and feeling untouchable, so for me it only make sense to get involved in making suits if I was going to do this properly. We always neglect the conversations that we have with people that we may not deem to be significant in our lives but if you allow yourself to actually listen to what anyone has to say no matter what they do, you will walk with something crucial that you would have missed if you took it for granted, and that alone can inspire me. in the future, for now we’re focusing on Notes From The Native Yard. DJ Capital is a 23 year old DJ, artist, events promoter and entrepreneur with a contagious laugh. I’ve already got a single with Reason called “So Crazy”, looking to shoot the video for that real soon. I run a company called 4Play Media with a partner of mine How was it like shooting a reality show with the rest of the reps? 4Play Media is a company that does events, marketing, brand activations and promotions. They realize that this entertainment business is a door to other ventures. What can all the Phuture Lovers expect for you in the near phuture?

Internationally, the Japanese and their culture inspires me. You guys went to Germany a few years ago, tell us more about that trip? It was a learning experice opened up our eyes to the possibilities available to African artists in Europe. We are ambassadors for one of the premium local street wear brands since the beginning and we’re proud and inspired by the fresh gear season after season. It was a lot of fun, but sometimes having the cameras around did become a bit tedious. We have recently opened our own studios, so now we’re in the business of recording music as well as ads and voice-overs too. People like Euphonik, Black Coffee, Shimza to name a few. More music, better sets and a lot more crazy antics similar to when I dyed my beard red, lol! This University student tells us more about herself: Who is Thulisile Phongolo?

The Flash Season 3 at 20h30 [Episode 14 – Attack On Central City] Barry and the team at S. Braxton Family Values Season 5 at 18h30 [Episode 7 – Toni Got A Ditty!

Lalla Hirayama is a Japanese-born South African TV presenter, actress, dancer and model.

Best known for her current work as one of 5 hosts of the live celebrity news show V Entertainment on DSTV channel Vuzu as their longest serving host, a judge on South Africa's Got Talent and host of her show Lalla Land on M-net Movies channels.

Well, you'll be happy to know the dry-perm, the banging bod and the freakishly long eyelashes are still there.

Unfortunately, this was not Noni's big return to the scene.

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At least the tiny dynamo called Nandi Mngoma kept us humming and bopping. At least he dwarfed the annoyingly popular tweleb, Khaya Dlanga, who's got networking down to a fine art.

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