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However, tampering so fundamentally with their style subtracts substantially from the appeal of the biscuit, and we oppose it unequivocally.

The Amundsen–Scott Station has been rebuilt, demolished, expanded, and upgraded several times since 1956.

It is a sense- less word, composed for this place out of the first syllable of Delaware and the last six letters of Lackawanna. One of the sons in particular got into a regular habit when in company at a tavern of taking a or bill, put a match to it and lighting a cigar.

Like the Great Notch, Centreville and Allwood, Delawanna is embraced in the Acquackanonk division of the Patent of Acquack- anonk which, like the other divisions, contained fourteen lots or farms. I was the most southerly of all and ran along the Newark township line. This lot, like the others, was about 660 feet wide, extending back to the mountain, and in the first divi- sion was allotted to Urian Thomasse (Uriah Van Riper), from whom it passed to John Bradbury, who erected a grist mill (which was located just below the dam of the pond along the Newark road, opposite Waldrich Bleachery), about the year 1698, before there was any road. River road originally ran from near the corner of Kingsland lane, north- easterly, crossing Yantioaw river and through the mill of the Waldrich Bleach- ery to near the arch of the Lackawanna railroad on top of the hill, whence it continued to Snyder lane.

For many years, we at the Campaign for Real Sports Biscuits have been enjoying these small, unassuming biscuits, from the odd single one with a cup of tea to occasional frenzied bouts of whole-packet-munching overindulgence, and we continue to do so — but with our enjoyment sullied by a sad change.

You see, Sports biscuits used to have a wonderful stick-man style to them, in which athletic bodies were represented by simple lines and heads were almost precisely the same shape and size as balls, leading to the traditional question "What's this one meant to be?

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